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As Boris continues to fumble his way through this "unprecedented" pandemic one year on, we're counting down the top five feminist podcasts to while away your days, because let's be honest, working from home has really lost the novelty factor and now we're just plain b o r e d.

One of the best and worst things to come out of Lockdown No.1 was the tsunami of newbies to the podcasting world. It seemed like everyone and their cat was on Amazon purchasing budget equipment to satiate what would turn out to be a very very short-lived whim and yet another unfortunate win for gazillionaire and all-round bad guy, J*ff B*zos.

Yet despite the tidal wave of lockdown-induced ramblings now cluttering Spotify, we can keep our heads above water by clinging to a decidedly feminist selection of life-jackets floating around in the debris – that is, some bloody good podcasts by some bloody great womxn. So grab a glass of wine, pop in your earbuds and drown out Newsnight's signature melancholy with these gems.



If someone asked me to describe this podcast in a couple of words, I'd probably go with audio therapy. I came across Goes Without Saying in early 2020, back when the pod was titled Higher Priestess and I was seeking cosmic forgiveness for my feminist sins.

Co-hosts, affectionately known as Sephy and Wing, instantly had me hooked. These gals are feminist with a capital F. Interrogating the taboo-est (?) of topics using their arsenal of witty intelligence, feminist affirmations and a slew of niche-as-f*ck references, Goes Without Saying is half hype-girl, half woke-up-and-chose-violence kind of vibes. Sephy and Wing will make you feel seen, and you will live for it.

Their signature lightheartedness and authenticity makes this podcast a genuine space of community, collectiveness and sisterhood, – one you can engage with actively and intensely while simultaneously escaping the monotony of life in lockdown.

Ultimately, via some top-quality chat, memes and moodboards, Goes Without Saying encourages its listeners to confront the aspects of patriarchy, white supremacy and capitalism that have filtered into diluted forms of feminism and rip them out at the root. It's badass and brilliant.

Available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts, new episodes released every Monday.



Brutal honesty is good for the soul, even more so when it's packaged with laughter and a teasing lilt. The Receipts Podcast has these in abundance and your soul will shine listening to it.

Fronted by a holy trinity of friendship and womxnhood, Aubrey, Tolani and Milena offer bold, uncensored girl talk from feminism, race and relationships to dissecting their listener's real world dilemmas.

This trio invented the phrase 'no filter', effortlessly unpacking nuanced and uncomfortable concepts with no-holds-barred. It's real talk, candid and fiercely funny, and I dare you not to love every single second. Honestly, these gals got me through the calamity that was 2020 and they'll see you through too.

Would highly recommend starting with a Your Receipts episode if you just want to dip your toes in, but who are we kidding? You'll have listened to their whole series in no time. Happy listening!

Available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts, new episodes released every Wednesday.

PS. Our gals are releasing a book in July 2021!! Preorder Keep the Receipts: Three Women, Real Talk, No Filter here.



You've probably gathered by now that my style of podcast is organic, straight-talking authenticity, so it should be no surprise that Gizzy Erskine and Sydney Lima's podcast on all the weird, wonderful and woeful aspects of sex would make the cut.

Every week Sex, Lies & DM Slides invites a celebrity guest to delve into all things sex and social media. From subpar DM propositions to the cringiest-of-cringe-worthy anecdotes regaling sexcapades past, this is the perfect podcast to destress.

Featuring a gorgeous line-up of delightfully empowered guests, including "celebrities, comedians, fetish club hosts, dominatrixes, dating site addicts and porn stars", Gizzy, Sydney & Co offer fantastically profound insights into sex and dating in the modern world.

Sex, Lies & DM Slides is an unadulterated, hilarious, NSFW podcast that will soothe any lockdown anxiety with an earful of top quality feminist goodness. Goes down very well with a glass and a half of wine.

Available exclusively on Spotify, new episodes released every Tuesday.



Presenter, actress, activist and all-round feminist icon, Jameela Jamil ignited a movement back in 2018 after finding herself sick and tired of her value being dictated by her body.

Taking to Instagram Stories , she published a powerful statement rebelling against our body-centric culture and the consequential self-hatred we feel when we don't fit the ideal. Immediately, Jamil was met with thousands of others joining her revolution.

Stemming from this incredibly successful online movement, the I Weigh podcast explores growth in a context of continuity instead of a finite destination. Based on Jamil's own past shames regarding her internalised misogyny, she asks celebrities, influencers, activists and friends to trace their self-development and set their own value.

Consistently prioritising progression over perfection, I Weigh is a wonderfully vulnerable and spacious community in which we can all learn and grow, free from judgement.

Available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts, new episodes released every Friday.



For all you guys, gals and non-binary pals, it doesn't get much better than the Big Sister Hotline with Clementine Ford, bestselling author of Fight Like A Girl and Boys Will Be Boys and a self-described "loud-mouth" – A.K.A. a womxn after our own hearts.

Leaning into an obvious cliché, she's the big sister I never had. Offering sage and candid advice delivered with hilarious precision and often featuring fellow feminists, authors, speakers, thinkers and activists, the Big Sister Hotline is your go-to for all the answers that you should know but don't.

Ford and her guests cover everything from the dangerous legacies of white power to the importance of setting boundaries when dating, all through a hardline feminist lens. Honest, kind and authentic conversations surrounding womxn loving womxn, can you think of a better sound?

Available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts, new episodes released weekly.


Written by Emily Dudley @emilykate.creative