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Love yourself AND your planet! Six of the best brands for all things sustainable and simply spectacular. Treat yourself with our go-to products, hand-picked by the tnf team.

Written by Emily Dudley

1. Ohne

Heads up guys and gals we’re starting on a high. Period products. 100% organic cotton. 100% biodegradable. No bleach. No tampon tax! Ohne is here and she’s killing it.

For one, f*ck tampon tax (excuse my French), sanitary products are not a luxury but a necessity for many  — big shout out to Laura Coryton whose petition led to the UK government moving to scrap the VAT on period products in December 2020!!

For two, Ohne’s ethos “working to unf*ck the planet” is where businesses need to step up right about now. Attenborough would approve. Our bodies are our temple, well so is our planet.

As if all this gloriousness wasn't enough, their cycle care products are actual magical potions. Legally I doubt they can market them as such but I stand by my claims. As someone who has to permanently attach a hot water bottle to my midriff during my cycle, trust me when I implore you to invest in their Holy Cramp CBD Oil. It is life-changing.

Go-To Product: Holy Cramp CBD Oil (£27)


Coming in hot at No.2 (these aren’t in any particular order btw) is your gal’s fave sustainable, ethical fitness-but-make-it-fashion brand, TALA. They’ve got cute, snatched, spicy, ten-out-of-ten gorgeous pieces that, dare I say, make me want to work out. TALA is for every body — all inclusive, all affordable and 92% up-cycled. Say hello to your new, improved gym ‘fit. You’re welcome.

(Bonus: The team are all about transparency and I am here for it. Their website provides full breakdowns of how the clothes are sourced, made, distributed and on top of all this goodness…the tags are plantable!!)

Go-To Product: The Blaze Crop in Neon Pink (£34)

3. Milk MakeUp

Time to treat yourself honeys. Milk MakeUp is my holy grail. Vegan and cruelty-free make up that is actually affordable and it ~works~. Not quite drugstore pricing, it’s more middle than high-end and the quality is luxe, luxe, luxe. Every single product is a dream to have on the skin, it looks head-to-neck g o r g e o u s and they stock a super-inclusive 36 shades of foundation. Go, go, go! Check out their blog for quality lifestyle content and their Instagram (@milkmakeup) for vibey looks to use as inspiration.

PSA — Sadly the site doesn’t ship internationally as of yet, but Milk products are available to the UK via Cult Beauty.

Go-To Product: Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder ($29)

4. Wild

Although one of the more neglected senses, we are all about scents at TNF. Candles, essential oils, flowers, they all smell so good! And now our readers can too! With Wild everything is sustainable, eco-friendly and so so aesthetically pleasing. Just look at that coral case! It's deodorant "without the nasties" and totally customisable. From the colour of your reusable case to your selection of fragrance, your plan is uniquely yours and highly flexible. Go-Green Bonus: Wild donate a percentage of their sales to climate charity On A Mission who enable and support innovative reforestation projects. It's win-win!

Go-To Product: 100% Natural Deodorant - Coconut Dreams (£12 Subscribe + Save)

5. Sancho's

If you’re a fan of businesses with a great story to tell, Sancho’s has got you covered. With a mission to tackle the fast fashion industry, company co-founders, Kalkidan Legesse and Vidmantas Markevicius, became inspired by their experiences in developing countries which have suffered at the hands of fast fashion. As a result, they are dedicated to ethical and sustainable sourcing of materials and are committed to working towards a far more moral industry. The collection is manufactured in Brazil, where Sancho’s partners with Hope Jewellery — a project striving for fair pay for women in developing countries — in order to provide part-time work for these women at a fair and honest rate. Their pieces are a geometric mix of metals; gorgeous and affordable.

Go-To Product: Diamond Earrings in Brass (£16)


Shaving? We can take it or leave it, tbh. While being hairless does not define femininity in any capacity, choosing to shave regularly is also perfectly okay. It's your body. If you want to be fuzzy and fluffy, do it! Would highly recommend in the winter months. If you want to be shea butter smooth then here's a bomb brand whose entire ethos revolves around your choices and your convenience. Meet Estrid. To quote their website – because it captures their USP (unique selling point) so perfectly – "a female and non-binary focused razor without all the bad stuff, at a fair price." No more shelling out the big bucks for low-quality harmful razors that cost an arm and a leg simply because they're pink. Cruelty-free and vegan (obviously) Estrid's razors come in four different colours; Blush, Cloud, Space and Peach sculpted into a gorgeously sleek and minimalist design and their starter kit (£7.95) comes with an adorable and so-very functional wall mount and two cartridges. What are you waiting for!

Go-To Product: Mood: Cancel Plans Body Oil Wash (£8.95)