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As we power through this global bargain-bucket-but-bigger yet morally questionable weekend sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we though we'd *gift* you a kind and gentle reminder to shop small and conscious where you can this Christmas.

We are always mindful of the fact that this weekend's deals seem to many like opportunities that can't be missed and purchases are guided by the hope of gifting joy to someone you love, especially this year. We feel you. Yet the hyper-discounting coupled with mass production means someone else is paying the difference, and it's not the CEOs.

This Christmas, why not have the best of both worlds? We have curated a list of ethical and sustainable businesses that offer amazing-quality gifts that anyone would love to unwrap come the 25th ~plus~ many of them are offering discounts* right now! Each business sells a gorgeous variety of products, but to make it even easier for you we've linked to our fave products from each brand. Tried and tested honeys. Happy shopping!



I don't know about you, but I s t r u g g l e with skincare. At one point my skincare routine had 17 steps, and let me tell you they did not work. Because firstly, that's a hell of a lot of product and secondly, everybody's skin is different. My former mess of a routine may work for some people – I doubt it – but it certainly didn't for me. Then I tried _faace . No bullsh*t. No faff. Just results.

Three face masks, Tired Faace, Period Faace and Sweaty Faace. Three formulas with 100% plant-derived ingredients for skin disrupted by life. No one has the time for a 17-step skin routine (and if you do, maybe get a hobby?) but with _faace you don't need to have your shit together to achieve beautiful skin. Just slap a mask on before bed and feel good about the fact that a percentage of your purchase is donated to Hey Girls, a social enterprise helping to reduce period poverty in the UK, and all in the name of lazy skincare. Hot Tip: If you buy now, you'll cop some free hairclips with your order. What are you waiting for?

THE TNF TEAM FAVOURITE: Tired Faace Hydrating Mask



Combine healing herbs, wellness shakes and ✨magical elixirs✨ and you have a recipe for perfection, a. k. a. Glow Bar. Created by 'Chief Glow Officer', Sasha Sabapathy – who also founded superfood latte brand chaga-ccino – Glow Bar offers natural remedies for womxn who often experience overwhelming stress. Honestly? They had me at hello.

Though I've not visited the spa, café or boutique (there's a pandemic on you know), Glow Bar offers most of their products online which are then shipped straight to your door – minus the infrared sauna. Their elixir blends are formulated to help us cope with the three main areas of life most affected by stress: happiness, skin and sex. Just stir them into your coffee, tea or shake, then chill, sip and glow.




If you're a lover of luxe, The Underargument has got you covered... in mesh and lace and velvet. Driven by the beauty of individuality and resisting conformity, these gorgeous lingerie sets exist as empowering and therapeutic responses to stigma, towards the body and mind. Employing a method of anti-casting, founder Maïna Cissé celebrates the vulnerability of womxn who were brave enough to share their authentic narratives by casting based on story instead of appearance, never knowing what their models will look like or their sizes until shoot day.

Each collection embodies an argument against the norm, in favour of expression, diversity and originality. Though these babies are higher-end price-wise, The Underargument's pieces are some of the most beautiful things that have ever been on my body and that kind of self-love is priceless.

THE TNF TEAM FAVOURITE: F*ck Perfection Demi Bra



My mama used to say that jewellery is a form of artistry, to create it beautifully and to style it gracefully makes you an artist. I believe everything she ever told me but I never felt this sentiment so resolutely until coming across Atteya Jewellery. Do yourself a favour and indulge in their lookbook, it's full of the most gorgeous photographs of their pieces.

As an ethically conscious and handmade jewellery brand, with harm-free production and 100% inclusion of recycled materials, Atteya's pieces are valuable and their prices reflect this. Their newest collection, Talisman is "inspired by ancient talismans, art, symbology and astrology" perfectly captures the charm of spirituality. Unsurprisingly, we are in love with every single piece.




This brand is everything you didn't know you need honeys. Led by volunteers and two badass female founders, Ceini Bowen and Sally Patterson, She Shirts is a young non-profit dedicated to offering "sustainable, ethical and charitable alternatives to the fast fashion slogan tee". Not only do they collaborate with feminist artists but all profits go towards charities supporting womxn! She Shirts have already raised thousands of pounds for Women's Aid, Bloody Good Period and Smart Works, all of which galvanize real change for womxn's lives. Donating to effective womxn's charities by purchasing a cute tee? Sounds like a win-win to me.

Ethically made and sustainable sourced, these slogan tees and totes add a lil' summin extra to your wardrobe and help womxn in need. Choose from over 20 designs to fit your feminist aesthetic, some of my personal faves include the Take Up Space and Feminist Legacies tees and The Classic tote bag. Whether it's at the top of your wishlist or gift-wrapped to perfection for all your gals, gays and theys, you can't go wrong with She Shirts. Shop now in time for Christmas.


niloh candles


Designed by the Gods, Hand-poured by a Brummy. Inspired during the UK's first lockdown, Niloh is a small decor brand with big dreams, as well as a killer tagline. Named in honour of her Nilotic heritage, founder Lizzie Biong-Komolibus created her candles to be manifestations of inclusive beauty dedicated to diversity and representation. Emblematic of every body, Niloh's inaugural Goddess Collection includes two body types; original and curve, each available in seven tones from Ivory to Noir.

Emblematic of every body, Niloh's inaugural Goddess Collection includes two body types; original and curve, each available in seven tones from Ivory to Noir and infused with Niloh's signature scent; a celestial mix of of meadow lily, musk and cotton to make each goddess smell as good as she looks.

THE TNF TEAM FAVOURITE: Goddess Collection



Who doesn't love a little baby brand? Another gem borne out of lockdown, Abbey Perfumery are proving that perfume has no gender. Their 12 vegan and cruelty-free scents cover the entire spectrum from light and floral to smokey and woody so there's something for everyone. If you're not entirely sure which scent is for you or your loved one Abbey Perfumery offer Discovery Boxes, each containing four samples of their various scent categories (Luxe, Earth's Wonders, Fruity Florals, Oud & Woods) to allow you to find your perfect perfume.

We love seeing small businesses thrive, especially ones so early on in their journey. Abbey Perfumery is clearly committed to sustainability and ethical practices, set out by founder, Jess, in the brand's About page. Available as 10ml and 50ml bottles, these perfumes could be the cutest stocking filler for any one of your family. Move quickly if you want to nab a free Discovery Box before they run out!

THE TNF TEAM FAVOURITE: Kindled Rose or Amber Skies

Hopefully you'll find something from these brands for you or someone you love, and will continue to support small businesses and shop conscious where you're able. We always enjoy having conversations about sustainability and conscious consumerism so please feel free to join in. Hit us with a comment here or chat to us on socials. Oh and one last thing,

Shop small. Shop slow. Shop smart.

*It's so important that ethical and sustainable businesses are allowed the opportunity to participate in discount and sale events in order to encourage more people to prioritise small and slow businesses over large corporations and fast-fashion brands. Small businesses often find the perfect balance when it comes to sale-reductions as they aren't able to offer hyper-discounting due to production and time costs directly affecting them and their small teams. We should be far more appreciative of small business owners offering discounted prices often at their own expense than the insanely cut prices thrown out by big name brands, decided by those at the top but negatively impact those at the bottom. Let this year be the Christmas that you advocate for something better. Shop small. Shop slow. Shop smart.


Written by Emily Dudley @emilykate.creative